The weather has been a bit screwy lately, with some rain the past few days. I think I can go out on that limb and say the rainy season is over…oops! “Green season.”

The short burst of rain got the water in the Caribbean rivers pretty dirty, but the fish are still there. Bill Barnes over at Casa Mar reports the ocean has gotten rough, but they’re still jumping tarpon out there. Bill says, “This time of year is usually not the time to fish the ocean anyway. So there’s just an extra bonus of a week or two I guess. Oh yeah, don’t print my prediction.”

Bill also mentioned guys catching care so on light tackle in the river mouths and lagoons. “Cara second” is often described as a tarpon snook, but I’ve given up on trying to figure out all the different types of snook in Costa Rica.

A good friend of mine and Costa Rica, Bernard Sippin — who works out of northeast U.S. — sent some friends here for a fly fishing trip. Great results.

The team, headed by Charles Lombard from Toronto, Canada, was fishing off Quepos on the Marlin Azul I, targeting sailfish on fly. They were not disappointed. The guys decided to return to the dock by 1:30 because they were having such good luck. Guess they thought the fishing was cutting into their cocktail hour.

On fly they raised eight sail in the morning, releasing six. Also one marlin, some tuna, and a wahoo. Not a bad morning. It was the most fun since they experienced deep sea fishing in San Diego.

Further north, off Playa Carrillo on the Pacific, good reports are still coming in from all the skippers. The ocean is nice and calm — blue water everywhere.

And although the bite was late coming this year, no boat is staying at the dock now. There’s plenty of sails, and quite a few marlin, tuna, and dorado. Guess the guys will stay pretty busy over the next few months.

I’m sticking my neck out, but I think this is going to be an excellent season. To all you captains. I know you’re busy but try to fax me a report once in awhile so the anglers who follow this column over the internet can do some armchair fishing while they’re huddled next to the fire in Chicago or New York. And while I’m thinking of my friends up north…are we ice fishing??? No thanks.

This little gem comes from a recent I.G.F.A report:

“Amount to be paid to Amerian Seafoods Company to take eight of their ships out of production due to over capacity…$95 million.

“Amount of the $95 million charged to U.S. taxpayers…$20 million. The amount of federal assistance to the recreational fishing industry…0.”

Full moon was coming up on March 2, last quarter, March 10, new moon on St. Pat’s, March 17, and the first quarter, March 24.

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